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Tailored solutions for individual needs

We are the leading service and solutions partner for telecommunications network operators. Our expertise spans all specialist themes and operations related to classic and modern telecommunications technology. Our aim and pledge is to establish our customers’ needs and fulfil them to the highest standards, whatever they are. To achieve this, we are guided by the principles of versatility, diversity and flexibility in everything we do.

Our services can be used in various ways: either as individual services in the fields of retail, technology, logistics or disposal, or as packages of services tailored to individual customer needs.

Whichever way is your preference, at ORC you get what you really need used technology in top condition, and services to the very highest standards.

Solution packages

Combine our solutions into flexible packages that suit your individual needs

Our solution packages combine a variety of different services and are tailored to specific purposes.All packages are designed with precise scopes of services, duration and conditions of agreement that match your personal needs.

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