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(Almost) new from every angle

Before we return components and systems to the reuse cycle, we ensure that all ‘sticking points’ are remedied or removed. These include mechanical defects, but also contamination and any personal or company information that had been stored on the equipment.

At a glance

  • We provide qualified inspection of technical components of all kinds – including peripherals such as heat sinks, electrical bridges and storage media – and verify their completeness and operability, or replace these elements where necessary.
  • Cleaning optical connections is a particular priority in our refurbishment process. Contaminated connections are the single most frequent cause of operating faults in optical networks.
  • We also thoroughly clean the entire system, both inside and out.
  • We take care of qualified deletion of any data and settings still saved from the previous operator.
  • Technical refurbishment also includes restoring systems to their default factory settings as a standard service.
  • We guarantee that the systems we refurbish are immediately ready for use, with no need for ‘reworking’ by the customer.


How it works

  • We start by inspecting the components and systems to detect any technical defects or contamination. This is particularly important with respect to evaluating consequences. While a fault may not be obvious in an individual component test, it may very well emerge in system operation at a later stage. To avoid this, we regard refurbishment as a preventive measure that enhances the operating safety, reliability and life of the product.
  • We identify any missing components or accessories and replace them as necessary. Not only is this method cheaper than buying new equipment; in the case of older end-of-life products, it is often the only option for keeping the product in operation.
  • We clean components in systems, modules and assemblies using only ESD brushes, cloths and cleaning agents. Surfaces are cleaned using compressed air and any adhesive label residue is removed completely. We likewise repair any paint or coating damage and other ‘cosmetic’ damage.
  • We use special cleaning agents to clean optical fibre endings and then inspect them under 400x magnification to detect any remaining contamination. To prevent new contamination, we install special dust protectors on laser connectors, SFP slots etc.
  • Removal of any remaining user and operating data is a further standard procedure during refurbishment. Data deletion is undertaken in compliance with the relevant current regulations; we perform deletion ourselves and have all the necessary technical systems in house. Afterwards, the module, component or assembly is ready for use; all you need to do is ‘plug and play’.

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