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Commission Sales

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If you own telecoms products or systems that you have no further use for, we have the perfect solution – sale on commission with ORC! We test your systems and components thoroughly and professionally refurbish them, significantly boosting their resale value and generating higher revenues for you.

At a glance

  • Our specialist staff inspect your products for sale on commission and draw up a realistic overall assessment at module level.
  • If required, our teams take care of disassembly.
  • We organize transport of the material to our warehouse. On their arrival, our logistics managers record the incoming goods at module level and draw up a detailed stock list, which we regularly update and send to you.
  • The products are rigorously tested at our ORC Test Center to our high quality standards and refurbished to ensure they are fully functioning– and look good! Any remaining customer-specific data is naturally removed in full using professional methods.
  • We store the entire products in our warehouse. We look after every aspect – no need for you to worry about a thing!

Don’t worry about disposing of your used equipment – make the very best of it

Selling your used systems on commission through ORC has many advantages. We ensure the products are returned to the materials cycle in optimum condition to attract purchasers.

  • You benefit from the positive image we have built up on global markets for used telecoms technology. Products from ORC are synonymous with top quality and reliability that confirm our recognized strict testing and inspection standards. This enables us to reach top prices in our sales – which are then reflected in your commission revenues.
  • Our proven global network of contacts provides the best conditions for locating purchasers for your products quickly and clinching the sale rapidly and smoothly, including customs and associated formalities.
  • Sale on commission also provides you with a convenient backup for your day-to-day routine. The used systems remain in your possession until they are sold; you can use them at any time. And if you need a replacement at short notice, it arrives in the form of professionally refurbished technology. What could be more convenient than that?

Are you seeking to dispose of your used telecoms equipment and maximize your profit at the same time? We recommend sale on commission with ORC.

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