Supply Chain Management for used telecommunication technology

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Supply Chain Management

Reliable products and services from a single source

Our portfolio of Supply Chain Management (SCM) services takes the strain of requirements planning, scheduling, picking, preconfiguration and shipment of components and systems away from you. We ensure everything that’s needed is available at the right time in the right place.

At a glance

  • We plan all supply chain management tasks and services, taking over the end-to-end process of delivery or retrieval of your systems.
  • We operate a well-established, reliable network of partners throughout Europe to ensure your orders are carried out fast and smoothly.
  • We also have external warehouses, enabling us to meet even the most urgent orders reliably and completly.
  • If required, we perform technical testing on your systems and components and repair any functional faults.

Forward logistics

  1. 1. ORC receives components from a variety of manufacturers
  2. 2. ORC performs incoming goods inspections and manages storage and inventory
  3. 3. Technical inspection and testing of components and systems on request
  4. 4. Preconfiguration of systems in line with specifications (staging)
  5. 5. Commissioning of supplies for setting up plant rooms and other sites
  6. 6. Coordination of just-in-time deliveries throughout Europe using our reliable partner network and, in especially tight schedules, external warehouses.


Reverse logistics

  1. 7. Collection and retrieval of disassembled systems
  2. 8. Inspection and documentation of the systems or componentsl
  3. 9. Coordination of further use with the customer

    • Refurbishing for possible reuse
    • Sale by ORC
    • Certified disposal by ORC


Professional logistics and technical expertise

Are your distribution resources for technical systems limited? Simply hand these duties over to us! We make sure your technical equipment is available exactly where it is needed in the quantities required.

  • Inbound logistics, inspection, configuration, shipping: at ORC, technical expertise and extensive logistics experience go hand in hand.
  • “Just in time” is no mere catchphrase, but a firm promise. We guarantee punctual delivery and collection of your systems and components, whatever the destination.
  • Particularly where larger projects are concerned (e.g. construction sites), you can rely on us to ensure everything required is there in the right quantities.
  • And because we are specialists, you can be confident we will treat your sensitive equipment with the care it deserves. We transport equipment exclusively in high-quality reusable packaging, to avoid all risk of mechanical and electrostatic damage in transport from the outset.
  • We always have your shipping or retrieval order on our radar from end to end, and know exactly where your equipment is along its journey. This enables us to inform you immediately if any deviations or delays to the schedule occur, and respond rapidly.

Are you looking to outsource your technical equipment supply chain, and are seeking a partner offering extensive logistics and technical expertise from a single source? Our team will be happy to help:

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Our team will be happy to help:

Tel: +49 7251-934875-0  |  Fax: +49 7251-934875-99
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